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The facilities and amenities of a certain property is the key to making a resident’s life happy, healthy, balanced and stress-free.  Amenities can either make or break the place. When you are doing the daily hustle – working 5 or 6 days a week, the best thing that you look forward to are weekends and extended holidays where you can bond and spend time with love ones.  A time to relax, refresh, rewind and recharge and what better way than to do it right here in your own home and neighborhood with people who matter to you most.  Isn’t that the best way to live your life? C’mon – relax and enjoy life!  Has it been said that – “The family that plays together, stays together?” 

First of all, this property ahs a lobby where there is 24 x 7 security monitoring. There is 24-hour assistance from the following: front desk, concierge and room service. There is also a free WIFI Internet connection at the lobby. Isn’t these amenities all comforting to know? Indeed, they are! 

If you’re looking for ample parking space – SEIBU TOWERS got it for you, too. We all know that parking is a significant part of modern daily urban lifestyle and staying here  - it will never be a problem or concern. 

What will excite all the members of your family will be the swimming pool that is available anytime of the day. You need not go out-of-town or plan for long road trips just be able to enjoy swimming – you can do it anytime as long as you want. This is a must – being a tropical country as ours, especially during those hot summer days. This is also very timely since this is the time when the kids are out of school enjoying their summer vacation. They will surely be excited to try the children’s pool. For parents – you would feel safe and at peace knowing that your children are having fun right in your own place. Organize summer swimming parties with friends’ and neighbors’ kids and let them mingle and frolic in the pool.  The adults can also join in the fun. Bring your favorite book, read and just bask and lounge around as you while the time away. The swimming pools are semi-covered while there is a pool deck is where you enjoy the lounging or sitting around having some of the best city views. This is the life! 

What’s more: there is jet spa and bubble spa for the works – what additions to the swimming pools. Now, take your swimming to the next level playing and relaxing around these spas. As you enjoy, you also get to be relaxed. How cool is that? Definitely, these are amenities worth looking and enjoying! Fun times ahead! 

For the children – nothing beats happiness in having a playground where they can be themselves and while they’re on vacation, they can visit the playground as often as they can. 

They can play with the other kids and make friends with the rest while they do their thing – with parents or nannies just around to check on them. Nothing beats children interacting with each other. This playground is a great option for parents who always think on how they can put their kids at ease and occupied while they’re at work or doing chores. When the parents have free time – they can also bond and have fun with their kids right on the property’s playground. 

As you step out of SEIBU TOWERS, you will easily be able to gaze at its blooms and plants with a garden so lovely to look at everyday as it also features a fountain. How calming it is to just wander and gaze around. You can even do your meditation in the morning or just be still, gazing at all the surroundings and looking forward to the day ahead. What a peaceful sanctuary it is for you and family!

There is also a fitness gym right here with all the modern and trendy gym equipment that you can use. There are ample locker rooms, too, at the gym so you can keep your belongings safe.  Of course, you and your family can make the gym sessions a wonderful family activity. You can run, hop, jog, flex, stretch and bend all you want as you do your daily workout routines here. A sound mind and a healthy body is important as you face the daily routines of your life. It will keep you as smart and motivated, too. 

When you want to celebrate special occasions and milestones with your love ones, there are big function rooms you can use. These rooms are located at the Penthouse level of the condominium – quite away from the residences or apartments.  Whether you’re celebrating birthdays, baptismal parties or showers, wedding showers, graduations or promotions or you have small family or school reunions - this place can be a great venue. Or if you just need to have a catch-up with friends – then, you can all bond here. There is a restaurant where you can order food so everything is taken cared of. What better way to experience clean fun  than right at the doorsteps of your own home.

  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Garden
  • Retail Area
  • Playground
  • Pets Allowed
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
  • 24-hour Security
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